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Pride Night Hits It Out of the Ballpark

Springfield, IL (June 22, 2023) It couldn’t have been a better night to take one’s self out to the ball game as CORAL hosted Pride Night with the Lucky Horseshoes as they played the Quincy Gems and it appears everyone felt the same as we saw many more turnout for the evening. With a cooler evening than last year and the Shoes in second place in the league, everyone wanted to be part of the action at Robin Roberts Stadium.

The evening began with a parade of attendees from CORAL as well as several different organizations including UIS, SIU School of Medicine and several members of the SPD. During the rest of the game, there were activities for the children as well as free items such as Pride flags and t-shirts shot from an air cannon.

CORAL is proud to see this event growing each year as many new faces came with compliments of our involvement with the Shoes, our banner in the outfield, and questions on how they might get involved with the organization in the future. Many thanks also go out to those who attended as well as Jamie and Melissa, who we couldn’t be happier to work with.

Until next year, keep those bats swinging!

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Candice Clotfelter
Candice Clotfelter
Jun 26, 2023

This was my first year attending and I'm glad I did. I had a wonderful time, not just with the game but interacting with the crowd. If you have never been please consider going next year.

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