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Community Calendar

Calendar and Organization Key

Color for CORAL

Coalition of Rainbow Alliances (CORAL)

Color for LGBTQ Holidays

LGBTQ Holidays and Commemorations 

Color for Other Community Events

Holidays and Other Community Events

Color for ALUUC

Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Church

Color for W4W

LBTQ+ Women

Color for AIDS Walk

AIDS Walk Springfield

Color for LLCC GSA

LLCC - Gay-Straight Alliance

Color for B&S Together

Brothers and Sisters Together

Color for PFLAG Decatur

PFLAG - Decatur

Color for Decatur Pride

Decatur Pride

Color for PFLAG Springfield

PFLAG - Springfield

Color for Fifth Street

Fifth Street Renaissance/SARA Center

Color for the Phoenix Center

Phoenix Center

Color for First Church

First Church of the Brethren

Color for SIU SoM GLMA

SIU SoM Gay and Lesbian Medical Association

Color for First Pres

First Presbyterian Church

Color for Springfield Pridefest

Springfield Pridefest

Color for GLAD

Gay and Lesbian Association of Decatur

Color for UIS GSSS

UIS - Gender & Sexuality Student Services

Color for HMCC

Heartland Metropolitan Community Church

CORAL Core Events

CORAL hosts three annual core events. Those events traditionally take place on the following dates:

  • The Ritz (the last Saturday of March)

  • Pride Picnic (the third Saturday of June)

  • Thanksgiving Dinner (the last Saturday before Thanksgiving)

LGBTQ Holidays, Commemorations, and Days of Awareness

The LGBTQ community recognizes numerous holidays, commemorations, and days of awareness each year.
Those include:

  • Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week (First full week after February 14th)

  • Trans Day of Visibility (March 31st)

  • International Asexuality Day (April 6th)

  • Lesbian Visibility Day (April 26th)

  • International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (May 17th)

  • Pansexual and Panromantic Visibility Day (May 24th)

  • Pride Month (June)

  • Anniversary of Stonewall Riots (June 28th)

  • International Non-Binary People's Day (July 14th)

  • Non-Binary Awareness Week (Week of July 14th)

  • Bisexual Awareness Week (September 16th - 22nd)

  • Bisexual Visibility Day (September 23rd)

  • LGBTQ History Month (October)

  • National Coming Out Day (October 11th)

  • International Pronouns Day (October 17th)

  • Asexuality Awareness Week (last full week of October)

  • Intersex Awareness Day (October 26th)

  • Intersex Day of Remembrance (November 8th)

  • Trans Awareness Week (week leading up to November 20th)

  • Trans Day of Remembrance (November 20th)

  • World AIDS Day (December 1st)

Have we missed something? Please let us know by emailing us or using the Contact page.

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