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  • Brian Sylvester

CORAL Elections Coming

Springfield, IL (March, 16, 2024) CORAL, still reeling from the success of their annual Ritz event, will be holding their annual elections this coming May at their monthly meeting on 5/12/2024 and have created their vetting committee in search of candidates for the positions.

The following positions are up for election:

Vice President, currently held by Lisa Cotton, is responsible for insuring the duties of all offices as well as acting as stead in absence of the president.

Treasurer, currently held by April Poole, is responsible for maintaining the finances, the legal records, and tax status of the organization.

Two board members at large, currently held by Jenna Broom and Shelley Vaughn, serve as representatives of the members and exercise other duties as assigned by the board.

The vetting committee will be actively looking for interested candidates for these positions in the months leading up to the elections and would like to hear from any members who might wish to be considered. All parties interested in running for a position will be placed on the ballots.  If you would like to learn more about these positions or wish to have your name placed, you may contact the vetting committee via email to or reach out to Rob Weis, Rex Schadow, or Candice Clotfelter. 

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