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Habitat for Humanity Has a Great Day for a Walk

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Springfield, IL (April 23, 2023) While there may have been a brisk breeze blowing through the neighborhood, it was a bright sunny day for a walk around Enos Park as Habitat for Humanity showed CORAL members some of their builds and renovations in the area Sunday afternoon.

Enos Park, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Springfield, is located just north of downtown and encompasses 36 square blocks of residential and commercial properties. Once known as the “Jewel of Springfield,” it represented a diverse community of rich and influential leaders, as well as many working-class families. Over the past several years, much has been done to the area to not only beautify the area but also make it the thriving, vibrant neighborhood that it can be.

CORAL had the pleasure of having Lakeisha Purchase, City of Springfield Alderwoman for Ward 5, join their walking group as she pointed out areas along the way that pending projects would be started in the near future. CORAL’s own Bert Morton, narrated the walk providing information on some of the builds and remodels that were being noted.

Thank you Habitat for Humanity for the work that you do to maintain these historic homes.

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