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CORAL On Journey to Celebrate Another Great Ritz

Springfield, IL (2/23/2024) With only 30 more days until CORAL’s annual Ritz event on March 23rd, work is ramping up for another successful night filled with a few surprises along the way.  Those surprises include new menu choices, new activities, and new opportunities to network.

This year’s theme for the Ritz is “Celebrating Every Journey,” acknowledging that all of us have and are continuing on a journey to accepting ourselves as well as those around us.  For some, that path may have been relatively smooth.  However, for others, it’s been a road of ups and downs that still continues.  CORAL feels, no matter where you are on that pilgrimage, you should take a moment to relish how far you’ve come.

This year’s Ritz committee is larger than it’s ever been, with twelve individuals coming forward to assist in the process.  The co-chairs leading the charge are Bert Morton, Lori Carlson, and April Poole.  The rest of the committee consists of Jim Barr, Jenna Broom, Harry Carlson, Candice Clotfelter, Lisa Cotton, Brian Sylvester, Shelley Vaughn, Rob Weis, and David Yankee.  The group has been working on this event for nearly six months so they are both elated and relieved when it all comes together.

As for the surprises planned for this year, it came to several committee members attention that there was a missing option from the menu that had been offered in the past – salmon.  So, salmon is back on the menu.  Last year, in an attempt to create opportunities for the attendees to interact and network, the committee created the puzzle.  Each attendee was given a puzzle piece to sign and place together with others.  This year, a similar activity has been planned involving words of inspiration on their journeys to others. 

Lastly, the committee’s goal for this year has changed from year’s past as CORAL would like to see a record attendance for the event.  The room holds a possible 50 tables and CORAL would love to tell the Crowne to set them all up.  They are close to the mark of last year’s 44 tables but there’s still time to bring in more.  So, get your tickets bought today by either contacting one of the committee members or emailing

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