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CORAL Sponsors Fifth Street/SARA Center's Campout 4 the Homeless Veterans

Springfield, IL (October 8, 2022) CORAL had the pleasure of sponsoring and participating in Fifth Street-SARA Center’s annual Campout 4 Homeless Veterans fundraising event on October 8th. The event involves participants decorating a box that someone will sleep in over night at the location set up. This year’s event was held at the SAA Edwards Place location beginning at noon and running till 11:00 a.m. the next day.

While it was a beautiful Fall day while the sun was shining, the temperatures dropped very quickly into the 40’s by dusk, but there were burn barrels available for anyone who needed to heat up. There were 19 boxes decorated with 12 participants staying over for the night. CORAL’s April Poole stayed in the CORAL box, which received a second place award for the decorating. Other attendees for the day and night’s activities were Lori and Harry Carlson, Bert Morton, Lee Korte, Jim Barr and Brian Sylvester. A special thanks goes to Lori and Harry who returned around 11:00 p.m. with hot chocolate for anyone who was still awake that evening.

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