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CORAL guest hosts Davina & the Vagabonds with LevittAMP and the Jaycees.

Springfield, IL (August 3, 2022) As part of the LevittAMP concert series, CORAL was asked to guest host Davina & the Vagabonds back in June. However, the concert needed to be postponed till August due to the band getting Covid while performing in Australia. But it was worth the wait.

That doesn't mean that it didn't go off without any hitches though. The normal venue for the performances is the Y-block of downtown Springfield but a series of thunderstorms moving through the area put a damper on that happening and at the last moment it was moved to the Gin Mill at the corner of 5th and Monroe. It was the perfect location for the style of music the band performs - a blend of cabaret and sassy jazz.

In a brief interview with Davina Lozier, lead singer of the group, she stated she loved the energy of CORAL as well as the history of Springfield. She particularly liked how we've "modernized" the vision of Abe Lincoln.

The event was very well attended and CORAL was lucky to have some new friends join us in helping with the night. Dan Pittman, running for county treasurer, Diane and Sheila helped by passing out brochures and flyers while Bob Immel and Rex Schadow staffed the entrances. Jim Barr provided a welcome introduction at the beginning of the evening and provided information to the audience on what CORAL represents.

We look forward to working with the LevittAMP series in the future and want Davina & the Vagabonds to know they have some new fans.

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