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PCASA Calendars are Available through CORAL

Springfield, IL (December 9, 2022) Back in October, CORAL had the honor of posing for a photo shoot for the 2023 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes calendar created and produced by the Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault. This national event began as an actual walk in 2001 and centered around men putting on women’s high-heeled shoes to actively confront gender stereotypes and expectations. In this space of playful confrontation and openness, it became possible to reveal and consider many of the underlying causes of men’s sexualized violence with less defensiveness and denial. However, the COVID pandemic prevented this event from taking place and the idea of producing a calendar in its place became the new reality.

The new calendars were delivered to all partners of PCASA the first week of December and CORAL is happy to announce that we received our shipment as well. We are selling these fun and humorous 12-month calendars for $10.00 each with ALL proceeds going back to PCASA. We only have about 10 left at this point so if you’re interested in getting one through CORAL, you may contact us either by our website at or our email address at

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