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CORAL to Honor Black History Month

Springfield IL (February 1, 2023) Every February, Black History Month serves as a reminder of those Black politicians, activists, artists, and more who have paved the way for the civil rights movement. However, often our Black LGBTQ members are not as prominently remembered as others.

In honor of Black History Month beginning February 1st, CORAL will be recognizing a Black LGBTQ icon each day on their Facebook pages. From Alvin Ailey to Alice Walker, CORAL will post a brief biography of each individual outlining the significance of their activism and what it means to all of the LBGTQ community today. Many of these brave heroes fought through not only the bigotry and prejudice of their color but also the hatred being thrust at them for their orientation.

CORAL wants to take this moment to not only remember, but proudly respect the work each of them.

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