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CORAL's Brian Sylvester Presents to AgeLinc/PrideLinc on Elder Financial Exploitation

Springfield, IL (December 13, 2022) With the holiday season upon us and the economy showing signs of faltering in the near future, the timing is ripe for illicit actors to prey on the vulnerable. Sadly, this usually includes older adults who may be facing the holidays alone or may be facing other issues in this stage of their lives. While there are many abuses older adults may have to deal with, elder financial exploitation has such a long-lasting impact. Most senior adults have spent their entire careers preparing their budgets for retirement only to see it drained away by fraudsters taking advantage of them.

AgeLinc/PrideLinc reached out to Brian Sylvester, Vice President of CORAL and BSA Officer at Town and Country Bank, to provide their members with awareness and education that might prevent this from happening to them. Covered in the presentation was how the state of Illinois regulates this crime, the prevailing scams that are taking place at this time, as well as the red flags of such activity and how victims might take immediate action to stop it or recover.

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