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CORAL Recognizes LGBTQ History Month

Springfield IL (October 1, 2022) In honor of LGBTQ History month, CORAL posted an entry for each day of the month showing an accomplishment of the organization going back to 2002 when it was originally created. From floats of fancy and faces of many, CORAL has come a long way from simply being a way for differing factions of the LGBTQ community to come together as one.

Beginning with a simple letter introducing how CORAL came to be to the festivities of the Ritz, the organization has not only grown but also thrived as we presented to all of the Central Illinois that the LGBTQ community does exist with pride and celebration. We’ve seen friends come and, sadly, we’ve said farewell to others.

Let the memories of work and sweat, time and effort, and tears and laughter be the strength that proves CORAL will make history moving forward.

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