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CORAL Provides Scholarship to Two Students

Springfield, IL (February 12, 2023) At CORAL’s February 12th membership meeting, a proposal to provide funding for two students to attend Guadalajara University for a minimum of the next three years was approved by a unanimous vote. The funds will be set aside and, when needed, forwarded to the university through the Rotary Club in Puerto Vallarta.

The two students are William Jair Ocampo Delgado and Alexis Giovani Gutiewez Garcia. William is majoring in Computer Engineering and Alexis is majoring in Culinary Science/Astronomy, but wants to become a chef in his own restaurant one day. A Rotary requirement is that the students must give periodic updates of their collegiate progress as well as an open invitation for attending their graduation ceremonies.

If anyone would like to donate to the scholarship fund for these two students or any that CORAL decides to sponsor in the future, you may contact any of our officers with your offerings.

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