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  • Brian Sylvester

CORAL Paints Its Mark on the Street

Springfield IL (June 29, 2024) CORAL joined over 250 other organizations, businesses and individuals at Springfield Art Association’s annual “Paint the Street” event on June 29th to leave an artistic message in a 6 x 6 foot square on two blocks of Washington Street in Downtown Springfield.  While some might believe this is an act of futility no serious artist might undertake as all works will be washed away after the first rain, there truly were some genuine artists putting their talents on the pavement that day. 

CORAL put their artists to the test to create their mark for the first year of involvement with the event.  Bert Morton and Roz Stein chose to recreate the CORAL logo for the square and the rest of the gang followed suit with their painting skills to complete it.  CORAL wants to thank all those who came out that day to get on their hands and knees with paintbrush in hand and show their skill. 

If it hasn’t rained yet, you can find CORAL’s square near the entrance of Clique.  We’ll let you decide how we did. 

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