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CORAL Goes International

Puerto Vallarta (January 5, 2023) Last year, while vacationing in Puerta Vallarta, Bert Morton and Lee Korty, both long-term members of CORAL, came across an unusual grotto of sorts in Old Town.

Lazaro Cardenas Park, as it was called at one time, was not so inviting or friendly in the beginning. Located in a busy part of the area, it had grown dark and dirty. But Natasha Moraga saw potential, transforming it into a sparkling, colorful, oasis of tile and glass that is now called Tile Park. Presently, it has become Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant public art community which is also federally protected so it will never be demolished.

Our friends, Bert and Lee, came to know Natasha from her work on the park and saw her creations with the Celebration benches and decided it would be a unique opportunity for CORAL’s name to be seen internationally. When they returned to the area in 2023, they found CORAL proudly displayed on one of the many benches that sits in the park.

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