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CORAL Congratulates Fifth Street/SARA Center for Hitting Their Goal

Springfield, IL (December 10, 2022) In response to the bad news of seeing a decrease in grant funding towards one of their programs, Penny Powell, Executive Director of Fifth Street/SARA Center, decided to make up the difference in a special way. In honor of her 20 years as director, she would perform a “one-woman” walk to raise the $20,000.00 loss on her own.

Beginning in late Spring, at the organization’s annual meeting, Powell announced her intent to raise the funds, culminating in December on her birthday. During that time frame, multiple activities and events were conducted to keep the donations coming.

On December 10th, at the Springfield Ski & Boat Club to celebrate, Powell announced the results of her campaign to the donors. Not only did she hit her goal but exceeded it by nearly $10K.

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