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"Coffee With a Cop" Is a Good Beginning

Springfield, IL (June 5, 2023) If you enjoy an early morning outing that includes hot java and good conversation, then Stella Coffee & Tea was the place to be Monday at 7:30 a.m. as CORAL and the Springfield Police met for their first, and hopefully many, community gatherings.

CORAL is happy to be working with Springfield Police Chief, Kenneth Scarlette to begin a series of interactive meetings with the local police department so as to allow the LGBTQ community to not only gain a better understanding of local law enforcement but to also be heard. The goal of these settings is to improve communications and relations between the LGBTQ and Law Enforcement and to address the questions and concerns of both parties.

As Pride Month is upon all of us, there has been an increased concern that hate groups will be attending and making their presence known at many of the events that take place. In the past few weeks, CORAL is excited to see that many of our smaller communities have come out to celebrate their acceptance of the LGBTQ communities in their areas by putting on their first Pridefest events this year. The time couldn’t be more right to enhance our relationships with those in charge of protecting all of us.

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