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APL Receives Another Visit From CORAL

Springfield, IL (February 19, 2023) CORAL can now say their visits to the APL are working like a fine-oiled machine as this will be their third time in having a group of volunteers work with their staff to make food toys for the dogs and cats at their facility. While we may have been having unseasonably warm temperatures on Sunday, the APL staff desired that all volunteers work inside which prevented a larger group from volunteering. However, CORAL was very happy to have five new faces join them for this event.

As for the canine and feline visitors, the group had the pleasure of having a few cats visit out of curiosity for the commotion but also got to meet Bella, a one year old Pittie who was blinded by abuse of a previous owner. While one might think this would make her overly skittish to be around humans, Bella loved the attention she was receiving and the many hands she got to smell too. CORAL also got to make new and different food toys during this visit as well. Of the new toys made, the group filled cored apples with peanut butter and yogurt, put Cheesewiz into hollow bones and Kong toys, and made cardboard cat scratches.

CORAL has always enjoyed their volunteer visits with the APL but that doesn’t mean members of the community have to wait for us to pay them a visit. CORAL understands that the timing of these visits may not work with everyone’s schedules which is why they would highly recommend that you come when it works for you. The APL is always happy to receive new volunteers for the work they do and CORAL appreciates being a part of it.

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