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Springfield Pridefest 2023 Comes with Great Weather and Turnout

Springfield, IL (May 20, 2023) As the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come,” Springfield Pridefest built an incredible combination of vendors, entertainment, and, with some assistance with the great weather; the people came in what is rumored to be record numbers. Starting with a parade marshalled by Parents of Transgender Children and ending with an evening of drag, Springfield Pridefest 2023 definitely had something for everyone.

From the 100 vendors with organizations and businesses from A to Z to the Main Stage filled with talented entertainment, CORAL had a long day of mingling with the crowds. By the end of the day, we had gone through all of our wristbands, our flyers on our upcoming events, and most all of the other items we brought to pass out. We’re happy to see that so many people there knew CORAL and were very interested in seeing what we had planned. We also had a great time meeting new people, not only with attendees but with other groups who were there for the day as well.

CORAL was proud to be a part of such a great day of Pride and hope that we see some of our new friends made that day in the future.

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