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Meet & Greet Sees New and Old Faces

Springfield, IL (January 18, 2023) CORAL held it’s first meet & greet event at Stella Coffee & Tea from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. this evening and saw a good turn out for such a rainy, messy evening. By the end of the evening, we saw 18 visitors walk through the door for a delicious pastry and a warm cup of coffee or tea while getting to know what CORAL does and network with some of our regulars.

The Van Dorn’s, who opened and manage Stella Coffee & Tea, have created a cozy setting adorned with a mish mash of comfortable places to sit and converse while enjoying their baked goods and warm beverages. From home-made quilts to estate found tea pots, the ambiance to relax and enjoy one another was far too easy for everyone.

CORAL was so happy with the turn out and the hospitality that we are sure to be planning another event like this soon in the future.

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